With this post I’ll share many of the purchases of headbands I have done over the years.

One of them is made out of satin which gives a smooth and princess-like look. It shows softness and allows you to be feminine. The other one is made of PU-leather and therefore has a bit harder look.

They are both nice to wear and fit the head perfect. I like the fact that you can get something very similiar to each other and yet very different. It gives the opportunity to create two totally different looks. I like that! If you are into bows and headbands, then consider them: The satin-headband (more colors available and the pu-leather-headband (more colors available).

If you are more into satin bow headband then look below. They come in different colors so I’m there is one for you aswell. I have black and purple.

There are also more to choose from in this picture. As you can see, I have a lot. Someone might think that they are all the same! But not me – each and everyone of these headbands are special to me! Different colors in some of the links.

Velvet knotted headbandLace Gothic headbandVelvet padded headband

This wide floral headband is also really great. I’m looking for link to the other one.

Some of the links for the headbands in the picture below are here. I’m still looking for the rest, they are out of stock. Twist braided headbandSequin butterfly headbandGold leaf headband

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