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Statement butterfly brooches

I love butterflies – their beauty and lovely wings are everything. Butterflies, especially the Monarch Butterfly represent for me the power of endurance and resistance because they migrate great distance.

This butterfly is really one of nature’s very special wonders.

The monarchs begin their southern migration September to October. Eastern and northeastern populations, originating in southern Canada and the United States, travel to overwintering sites in central Mexico. They arrive at their roosting sites in November. They remain in their roosts during the winter months and then begin their northern migration in March. No individual butterfly completes the entire round trip. Female monarchs lay eggs for a subsequent generation during the northward migration.

Four generations are involved in the annual cycle. That is incredible!

In my opion searching on, seeing interesting things in stores and finding them online this is all about endurance and dedication. We all want to do the great bargain where we buy something unique to a good price! Monarch symbolizes this for me so of course my blog is called Monarch!

Link: Butterfly – there are more colors to choose from.

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