Does an honest review of online purchase matter to you? Me too!

My name is Lise. This is my blog where I post about online purchases from various sites like, Irregular Choice, Doc Martens, vintage-purchases etc. There are also different exciting and creative DIY projects for your interest – give life a bit of sparkle and check them out!

The purpose is to give you honest review of the products that I care for through personal recommendations.

Monarch explains how you can personalize your unique style through great products while doing a great bargain in the meantime.

Monarch is for everyone who is looking for a good shopping-experience without having to think of paying an expensive intermediary. My blog is independent and I buy my own products based on personal interest.

My curiosity drives the blog towards new goals and shopping experiences. I have a desperate desire to look for opportunities and the determination to find great prices.

Still curious? Take a closer look on the items; let me know what you think. My goal is to create a supportive and open blog – I love to engage with new people. You are very welcome to send a message if you have any questions, want to share a story or recommend an item.