Straw earrings

Straw and rattan are really fasionable! But that’s not what drives me the most – it’s sustainability and how I can bring nature and natural products into my life. Straw and rattan bags have been known for at long time but about earrings? I thought to myself: Why not? So I found these perfect straw …

Angels earrings

These earrings are really lovely and in good quality. They are so romantic and kind of vintage. I have search for these earrings everywhere but they are nowhere to be found. They are bought on – perhaps you can find some similiar that you like.

Statement butterfly brooches

I love butterflies – their beauty and lovely wings are everything. Butterflies, especially the Monarch Butterfly represent for me the power of endurance and resistance because they migrate great distance. This butterfly is really one of nature’s very special wonders. The monarchs begin their southern migration September to October. Eastern and northeastern populations, originating in …

Beaded tassel earrings

I tried to create a pair of earrings as those in the picture but I didn’t like the result so I decide to buy a pair instead. Compared to the price I’m really happy that I decided to buy instead. These are much more pretty than I could ever have expected. They come in different …

Cute necklaces

These necklaces are really cute. There are many different necklaces to choose from in these links. There is something for everyone. I’m looking for a link to the cute bunny – it’s some years ago I bought than one. Unicorn necklaces – Charm necklaces